Brief History Of My Channel

When I first started to do YouTube I was so hopeful . Now that I am about three years in it I have learned that it is not easy . I have had to learn patience through each video that I have made . I have changed a lot in my videos since I first made one . My first video was literally about what should I buy from the store . Then my second was a very , very , bad quality video of my little sister falling asleep on my trampoline . My third one was a short clip where I used a FX app to drop a huge spider from my ceiling . I left that account behind and started as General Random and have been General Random ever since . Now my three years is just as General Random and about one year as the other channel . Now on the channel I have now , I have music , vlogs , and one video of me hitting my crying little sister  in the face with bacon . Now that might sound like it got some views , but , it didn’t . I only have 34 views as of right now ! Yes I would love to have enough views to get paid on YouTube but I am not good enough . I have not given up and I refuse to give up on YouTube . I will be fifty years old and still blogging and vlogging . I might never make or have a good income with either one of these hobbies but I love doing it and that’s good enough for me .


General Random , GR , the Random General reporting for duty ! 

I love making videos and have made videos since I can remember . I mean , some people say I have no content and some love my vids . Oh well , I mean , there is a bunch of stuff that I have been wanting to do on my YouTube for awhile now but I do not have the money for yet . So that is where the patience comes in for me . So much stuff has happened while I have my YouTube channel . Every time I look up , I have to put my money somewhere else . Like now , stuff was going good and now I have to get my 1993 Nissan 300zx twin cam up and running until I get a newer car for my wife and child . I also got to get moved into our trailer , so that we can have our own space . I am also about to start college , I applied for a grant but you never know what kind of expenses could still come out of that . Well you never know , maybe here in a year or two when I am out of college , maybe one of them will have a passive income . I don’t know though , if any of my followers read this and maybe have an idea for me to grow or gain something somehow . I mean if you follow and read my blogs then you know all my hours of work and stuff . So maybe an idea for the sidelines to gain a little bit more money or even a way to get cash on my blog or vlog . Anyway I love y’all and have a good day or night , L.O.L. , whenever you are reading this .




P.S. This is photo was taken like one week after my son was born .




  So I wanted to treat my wife to just have fun so we went to the movies . We went to see Rich Crazy Asians and it was a good movie . After the movie we was gonna eat out so I was gonna let her pick and drive . Well we was pulling out and we did not see the people coming because of a truck that was turning in . So they hit the driver side up and busted up our window ! Thank the good Lord Almighty that she was okay . The people who hit us were also fine thank God . There light was still working but the glass is broke and they have a dent in the front hood . I hit my head on the window . I think , I mean my head hurts but all happened so fast,  I can’t remeber . The people was able to drive off after the incident but I had to pay for towing . Me and her should probably go get checked out but I don’t know . By the way the incident happened right around 8 o’clock which was like an two hours ago and still no bad signs . So there is my blog for today . Yall out there have a good night , or day , whenever your reading this .


A Watch

A kid wanted a watch for his birthday . Nothing else , no toys , no games , no clothes , he didn’t want that . All he wanted was his own watch . His parents are rich and he could of got anything he wanted . But , yet he wanted a simple little watch . So on his birthday his parents wanted to treat him since he has been good . So early that morning they went to a cafè to eat breakfast . After breakfast they went to go see a movie . On the way to the movies the parents had asked ” why do want a watch for your  birthday ” . He replied with ” I will tell you later ” . So they got to the movies , they let the little boy choose a movie to watch . So he chose a cartoon and they watched it and after the movie they went to get lunch . The boy asked at lunch if after lunch can they buy a watch for him and he would like to open it at dinner . So thats what they did . They bought his watch a fine jewlery store and went to a fine restaurant to eat . After they ate he grabbed the present and opened it up to reveal his watch . With a big smile he hugged both his parents and said thank you and I love you so much . So then the parents asked him ” why did you want the watch ” . He replied with ” I heard one of my friends talk about how we get old with time , so I thought if I got a watch I could control time and make it go slower so I can see you longer ” .

The boy didn’t know it but his mom was suffering from an illness and she was slowly dying . At a young age this boy knew to cherish love and his parents not a game or car . Something we all need to learn . I mean Get out there and make money , get a car , own a business . But don’t make that more important than your family . All this boy wanted was to control time with his watch so that he can spend more time with his parents . This is just something to think about . And think about others and cherish the time you do have on this Earth .

America’s Discovery


  America , this is home sweet home right ? Well , Its my home and I love it . If you are anything like me , you went to school learning that Christopher Columbus found America and it was named after Amerigo Vespucci ! We still have Christopher Columbus day . Well , as much as I love America , some of our Holidays , honestly , they are a little bit redundant and stupid . I say this because Christopher Columbus never found America , it even states that in the textbook . So , we are in America , celebrating a man who thought he founded us but he never did ? Yeah , great , totally put aside the stupidity of this whold idea . I mean I know some people really love this day because if it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t be here . Hm hmm , excuse me , he never landed here . Plus how can you discover something if its already inhabited by other humans .


Now I know we all knew that the Indians were in America first .  But all of this was just a recap . Because I want to share with my reader’s something most people do not know .
I’ve mentioned Amerigo and Christopher Columbus . I’ve mentioned indians and so on . But lets take the wheel of time and go back way before these Caucasian  fakers and talk about the first to , not discover but visit , learn , and find America .


Leif Erikson came to a town call Vinland which is now the Canadian Province of Newfoundland around 1000 A.D. October 9 , is our Leif Erikson Day . But no one hears about it . We celebrate Leif Erikson leading the first Europeans in North America . Now , they came but the Indians did not them there . So we know that the Indians are , a little hostile . But , the Indians fought the Vikings and the Indians won and drove them back . But we know how the Vikings are , ravagers and lovers of gold . Well There ya go . You can do a little more research if you want to . But maybe this Leif Erikson day you can put on your Viking hats and beards and ravage your community or something . I dont know , be original .


  Maybe get a bubble buddy or something , hinga dinga dargin !!

My Brother ( poem )

Here you go this is for you dude
I apologize for all the times I’ve been rude
But Bo no matter what you’ve been there
Even at times if I wasn’t being fair
But im so glad I grew up with you Bro
You truly showed and helped me grow
And I’ve looked up to you so long
If I had idol’s , to you it would belong
Man , I love you so much
When I fallen  you’ve been my crutch 
You’ve been so kind brother
I dont think this rhyme could go any further
Because im started to repeat
This rhyme that I’ve made so neat
But I will say one thing
After all the joy you bring
All that time you kept me under your wing
And I know I didn’t bear your ring
At your wedding but in a different setting
I wanna thank you for letting
Me still be in your life
After what I did and caused all that strife
Because you kept me happy through it all
Staying at home or long trips through the mall


The Work Plan




So , since I blog you might assume that this is my work plan . Well lets just say that this is part of it . I would love to work from home but , I am still going to get a degree . Now as of right now I work 50 hours a week at a Warehouse because I have to . Since I have a wife and kid , I have to spend most of my life away from home to just bring a paycheck home . But why make money if

I can’t enjoy life with the family . Even If I landed a 9 to 5 , 40 hours a week kind of job would be nice . So I have started , well , about to start college online . Since Im already in a state of sacrificing time , might as well spend some of it on college right ? Well , that is what I am going to do .



So when I get my computer I will have to put all my free time to college , Young Living , and my blog . Which are all things I can do from home . But I only have two hours a day at home . So I have hit a predicament . I know what I need to do , I just need to squeeze it in my schedule . Now my college courses are two years studying towards Pharmacy Technician . Now The Work Plan that I have made seems simple . Become a paid blogger , sell Essential Oils , do college . If I start now with all three of those then I am hoping that two years from now that those will be sort of a good income for me and I will also be graduating then as well . So end goal of this short term plan I made is realistic but , I just got to hustle . So once I ( hopefully ) land a 9 to 5 job I will get a higher income and more free time to do other stuff .



So now I have no free time and a plan .  I am hoping to score great in all corners and aspects of my plan to further my knowledge and personal growth as a person . So my end time goal is to work at home but still have a degree . Maybe if I hustle , hustle , hustle . I can accomplish my dream . It would be nice to make money and still be able to see my son grow but now I need my 50 hours a week job to help better my family .  But as a man who works most of his week away , if there is another way to make money and still enjoy life without being a slave to a boss . Then as a man I will take that opportunity to raise and be home with my son .


Björne Keith Jackson

20180825_110617156219263.jpgSo when my wife first got pregnant we wasn’t even married . Kinda felt bad so we tried our hardest to have the wedding . We have been engaged since July 7 , 2016 but its 2017 and she is three months pregnant and still no wedding . Well we had the date set for our legal marraige on March 10 , 2017 .
But sadly she miscarried three days before the legal marriage . Shocked by this surprise I didn’t know what to think , I mean this was my first kid and I was expecting to raise him/her . The worst part about it is , I don’t know the gender . So we did not want to leave the kid nameless . So me and my wife sat down while painting the box we was burying the kid in . We came up with J.L.J. which is in my email . We said that if it was a boy , his name could be Jackie Luke Jackson , and if it was a girl the name could be Jackie Lyn Jackson . So we had our small burial because to me , that was my child . We felt a loss and I didn’t know what to think . Honestly I was heartbroken and felt defeated like it was my fault . It’s hard now knowing it’s been a year since then and I still cry over the kid . I miss him/her and sometimes feel like I will never know the physical features of my child . Was it a he or a she , did he/she look like momma or look like daddy . Favorites food , books , songs , color , activities , I will never know . Hopefully I can live my life right and see my Baby in Heaven if I make it .

Now , I can’t remeber dates but I do remeber being at my wife’s aunt’s house cooking lunch . Maybe it was breakfast but either way it was there . My little sister was with me and my wife had came up behind me , when I turned around she had the biggest smile . She told me she was three weeks pregnant . I remeber giving her a hug and crying not only because ” oh my gosh your prego ” but because of the miscarriage before hand . Now I’m not going to go into much detail through the pregnancy because that can be a different post . But I will say this . The doctor said we was having a girl . So as parents would do , we set aside a time for a gender reveal and baby shower . We had named her Javalyne Skye Jackson . We’ll we didn’t feel right so got another Ultrasound , we found out the she , was a he , and I was shocked . We had already had the parties so to speak and the ” Due Date ” was only a couple weeks away . We was able to get some boy clothes thanks to a friend and happy life was coming . And we named him Björne Keith Jackson . I have Scandinavian in me and I get tired of the normal names . Looking back now , I was so scared of one of them dying at delivery . But five months past and I still have my wife and my amazing son . Growing like a weed . Sometimes I wonder if his big sibling is watching out for him . If he/she is well then daddy is proud .