Can A Guy Sell Avon

Hey its Sean here, or General Random, whatever you prefer. I have recently started to sell Avon products just to see what I can do. I know it always seems like I am trying to find multiple ways to make money, well, I am. I do not wear makeup on a regular basis, but I have worn it before. My sisters have put it on me, my wife has, and I have put some lipstick and nail polish on me. I know it might sound weird but, does that make me a great candidate for Avon, since I am can try out the products I am selling? I know that I am guy but, a great sells person uses the products he is selling. I mean I blog, vlog, now I sell Avon, I think this could turn out great. Also not this if you will, self motivation is best. Now, will I actually and personally use Avon products? Yes, in matter of fact, I plan on posting up pictures of me using it on someone or someone using it on me. I do in fact plan on openly talking about my  Avon business on my YouTube. So, its not just to prove a point, but I got to make money with this some how! A lot of people will not agree but, I believe that you need to do you so you can be happy but, talk it over with God first. I do live to please him and I know wearing makeup does not sound like a Christian thing to do but that is because you are reading too much into the whole situation. So, say what you will but hey, if you love makeup, my link will be at the bottom. They have other stuff as well so do not stop with makeup! Thank you for reading this and if you watch my YT Channel then, I will see you in the next video.


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