So today is Monday , 9/24/18 and its my first day of school . I started with the Daymar College .  I have been deciding whether I should go or not but I decided to go . Well , since I have decided a yes , then I had to ask myself what am I going to study ? I knew that I wanted to be in the Medical Field so I looked into their courses . They had quite a bit of stuff to study . There was only a select few that I could choose . Well I chose Pharmacy Tech but due to certain laws , since this college was based in another sate , I couldn’t do that course . So I went with Medical Assisting and so far I am loving it . Now if you read my Blog , you are probably curious on how I get to fit that into my schedule . Well my 50 hour a week job I lost . I lost it because I had to stay home and help my wife since she had gotten whiplash from a wreck . But this has given me the perfect opportunity to get a job with my brother [ hopefully ] . He works Construction with my dad and they travel . Yes I would have to leave my wife and son behind but I will be able to get us stable with the money . I will have just enough time to Blog , school , and call her . Maybe YouTube can be an option but I don’t plan on it . Now I would love to land a Hospital job now but sometimes you got to do what you got to do in order to get what you want . I will try my best to keep my followers updated on my life either with my Blog or my Channel . Once again , I will try my best to keep you guys updated . When I start my new construction job , I expect to have little to no free time . I say that because most jobs are 84+ hours and when I’m not at work I will have my wife , brother , and school , taking up my time . I really love the new followers and old ones on my Blog and Channel and will try to keep my promise to keep dishing out content to entertain you . But , I as a human , I still have a limit , and I already know that there will be days that I miss this Blog and Channel . I say that due to me having to make my family , school , and work the top priority . Anyway I hope YOU have learned a little something about me . see you in the next video or Blog , which ever comes first .20180908_153402


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