Kindly Speaking

So , in a cynical way of seeing things . People speak way too kindly , I mean like we can not mention that John McCain was a good Senator because someone else does not like him . Well , I love Senator John McCain , Trump , Obama , and I could name some more but I am not . I , sometimes do not agree with certain actions and I am not afraid to say why I dislike a person . We have to watch what we say because people just , cant grow up . No don’t hurt their feelings and when I think of that , I think , Hey screw your feelings . Truth is truth no matter how you want to speak it . If you speak it by the way , then you need to live it . Just like the Bible , you got to walk it , live it , and personally love it . I mean , why live something you don’t love . We need to speak what’s going on with this world because if we keep on hiding what’s real , then we will slowly forget what is real . I just personally think about America and what we are turning into . A bunch of gay , confused , wrecked , stupid , demonic pansies ! I know the title is Kindly Speaking but come on America , keep your Penis attached and grow up ! Rip off your man hood and get mad at us for calling you less of a man ! Well you are less of a man .    ” ” OH NO I BROKE A NAIL !! ” Yeah , what about the men and women loosing their mind or body parts in war . NO don’t talk about the Veterans because who cares about them right . Well every time I see a soldier who is out there fighting for his country in his common sense , no tranny , no gay , no half man , no stupid person who cant comprehend that he/she has the genital parts they have for a reason . For the ones who want to cut or commit suicide , just stop , you are weak pansies to . I use to cut and I realized how stupid and pointless it was . Pain was the only pleasure I had . So parents if you cant raise and love your child , then you deserve to be thrown in the mix of war and loose a limb . Forget Kindly Speaking of the ones who died of self murder , your stupid . I am tired of all the bull crap us ” Americans ” say or do to justify our own stupidity . You can do you at the end of it all , because I will not shut up to let the gay speak . If the gay gets a word then I will also get a word . I would say something about drug heads but that is a different post .


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