So I am a white male and I am very proud to be white . I will not take credit for stuff that I didn’t do . With that being said , I also have black and Mexican relatives . I have no problem with any race of the world . I have problems with certain people within that race who do stupid things . Blacks sold blacks into slavery amd whites sold whites into slavery and so on , so on . I dislike the people who label me as a White Devil , Neo-Nazi , or racist just because I’m white . I don’t diss on king Bach , Lecrae , or some other black person just because they are black . I do get irritated at people who try way to hard to be black who are white and the other way around . I have a plethora of friends who are black , white , mexican , indians , so on and so on . I am very proud of who I am and you should be to . I will never judge a man for what God gave him in pigment but for how he treats me . I don’t know who you are but if you are a human then I automatically assume your a racists and or cynical baby who us too pathetic to stand up for himself or what he beleives in . Or you just love pointing fingers and be careful . My brother wasn’t careful with his fingers and cut one off . Now I am talking about this in multiple situations . Call me racist because I’m white and I feel sorry for your race for having such a pitiful soul in its circle , someone who can’t be friends with a white because of something stupid . Just because you are white , does not mean I support clinical retards like Hitler , just like if you are black does not mean your a drug dealing Nigger who has no Life . I know alot of white , black , niggers who are pathetic and worless to even think about . Trust me , I’m related to a couple of them . When I see someone of any race with a successful job , I do not get jealous or say somethimg stupid . I see a human who actually did something with their life . I am not trying to point fingers in this post . I am proud of being white and I don’t hate another race for their pigment and some of y’all pit there needs to . I love the human race , honestly and hate division but tjere will be division until this Earth is destroyed but we can atleast try to turn the tables ?


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