Brief History Of My Channel

When I first started to do YouTube I was so hopeful . Now that I am about three years in it I have learned that it is not easy . I have had to learn patience through each video that I have made . I have changed a lot in my videos since I first made one . My first video was literally about what should I buy from the store . Then my second was a very , very , bad quality video of my little sister falling asleep on my trampoline . My third one was a short clip where I used a FX app to drop a huge spider from my ceiling . I left that account behind and started as General Random and have been General Random ever since . Now my three years is just as General Random and about one year as the other channel . Now on the channel I have now , I have music , vlogs , and one video of me hitting my crying little sister  in the face with bacon . Now that might sound like it got some views , but , it didn’t . I only have 34 views as of right now ! Yes I would love to have enough views to get paid on YouTube but I am not good enough . I have not given up and I refuse to give up on YouTube . I will be fifty years old and still blogging and vlogging . I might never make or have a good income with either one of these hobbies but I love doing it and that’s good enough for me .


General Random , GR , the Random General reporting for duty ! 

I love making videos and have made videos since I can remember . I mean , some people say I have no content and some love my vids . Oh well , I mean , there is a bunch of stuff that I have been wanting to do on my YouTube for awhile now but I do not have the money for yet . So that is where the patience comes in for me . So much stuff has happened while I have my YouTube channel . Every time I look up , I have to put my money somewhere else . Like now , stuff was going good and now I have to get my 1993 Nissan 300zx twin cam up and running until I get a newer car for my wife and child . I also got to get moved into our trailer , so that we can have our own space . I am also about to start college , I applied for a grant but you never know what kind of expenses could still come out of that . Well you never know , maybe here in a year or two when I am out of college , maybe one of them will have a passive income . I don’t know though , if any of my followers read this and maybe have an idea for me to grow or gain something somehow . I mean if you follow and read my blogs then you know all my hours of work and stuff . So maybe an idea for the sidelines to gain a little bit more money or even a way to get cash on my blog or vlog . Anyway I love y’all and have a good day or night , L.O.L. , whenever you are reading this .




P.S. This is photo was taken like one week after my son was born .


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