So I wanted to treat my wife to just have fun so we went to the movies . We went to see Rich Crazy Asians and it was a good movie . After the movie we was gonna eat out so I was gonna let her pick and drive . Well we was pulling out and we did not see the people coming because of a truck that was turning in . So they hit the driver side up and busted up our window ! Thank the good Lord Almighty that she was okay . The people who hit us were also fine thank God . There light was still working but the glass is broke and they have a dent in the front hood . I hit my head on the window . I think , I mean my head hurts but all happened so fast,  I can’t remeber . The people was able to drive off after the incident but I had to pay for towing . Me and her should probably go get checked out but I don’t know . By the way the incident happened right around 8 o’clock which was like an two hours ago and still no bad signs . So there is my blog for today . Yall out there have a good night , or day , whenever your reading this .



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