A Watch

A kid wanted a watch for his birthday . Nothing else , no toys , no games , no clothes , he didn’t want that . All he wanted was his own watch . His parents are rich and he could of got anything he wanted . But , yet he wanted a simple little watch . So on his birthday his parents wanted to treat him since he has been good . So early that morning they went to a cafè to eat breakfast . After breakfast they went to go see a movie . On the way to the movies the parents had asked ” why do want a watch for your  birthday ” . He replied with ” I will tell you later ” . So they got to the movies , they let the little boy choose a movie to watch . So he chose a cartoon and they watched it and after the movie they went to get lunch . The boy asked at lunch if after lunch can they buy a watch for him and he would like to open it at dinner . So thats what they did . They bought his watch a fine jewlery store and went to a fine restaurant to eat . After they ate he grabbed the present and opened it up to reveal his watch . With a big smile he hugged both his parents and said thank you and I love you so much . So then the parents asked him ” why did you want the watch ” . He replied with ” I heard one of my friends talk about how we get old with time , so I thought if I got a watch I could control time and make it go slower so I can see you longer ” .

The boy didn’t know it but his mom was suffering from an illness and she was slowly dying . At a young age this boy knew to cherish love and his parents not a game or car . Something we all need to learn . I mean Get out there and make money , get a car , own a business . But don’t make that more important than your family . All this boy wanted was to control time with his watch so that he can spend more time with his parents . This is just something to think about . And think about others and cherish the time you do have on this Earth .


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