The Work Plan




So , since I blog you might assume that this is my work plan . Well lets just say that this is part of it . I would love to work from home but , I am still going to get a degree . Now as of right now I work 50 hours a week at a Warehouse because I have to . Since I have a wife and kid , I have to spend most of my life away from home to just bring a paycheck home . But why make money if

I can’t enjoy life with the family . Even If I landed a 9 to 5 , 40 hours a week kind of job would be nice . So I have started , well , about to start college online . Since Im already in a state of sacrificing time , might as well spend some of it on college right ? Well , that is what I am going to do .



So when I get my computer I will have to put all my free time to college , Young Living , and my blog . Which are all things I can do from home . But I only have two hours a day at home . So I have hit a predicament . I know what I need to do , I just need to squeeze it in my schedule . Now my college courses are two years studying towards Pharmacy Technician . Now The Work Plan that I have made seems simple . Become a paid blogger , sell Essential Oils , do college . If I start now with all three of those then I am hoping that two years from now that those will be sort of a good income for me and I will also be graduating then as well . So end goal of this short term plan I made is realistic but , I just got to hustle . So once I ( hopefully ) land a 9 to 5 job I will get a higher income and more free time to do other stuff .



So now I have no free time and a plan .  I am hoping to score great in all corners and aspects of my plan to further my knowledge and personal growth as a person . So my end time goal is to work at home but still have a degree . Maybe if I hustle , hustle , hustle . I can accomplish my dream . It would be nice to make money and still be able to see my son grow but now I need my 50 hours a week job to help better my family .  But as a man who works most of his week away , if there is another way to make money and still enjoy life without being a slave to a boss . Then as a man I will take that opportunity to raise and be home with my son .



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