My Brother ( poem )

Here you go this is for you dude
I apologize for all the times I’ve been rude
But Bo no matter what you’ve been there
Even at times if I wasn’t being fair
But im so glad I grew up with you Bro
You truly showed and helped me grow
And I’ve looked up to you so long
If I had idol’s , to you it would belong
Man , I love you so much
When I fallen  you’ve been my crutch 
You’ve been so kind brother
I dont think this rhyme could go any further
Because im started to repeat
This rhyme that I’ve made so neat
But I will say one thing
After all the joy you bring
All that time you kept me under your wing
And I know I didn’t bear your ring
At your wedding but in a different setting
I wanna thank you for letting
Me still be in your life
After what I did and caused all that strife
Because you kept me happy through it all
Staying at home or long trips through the mall



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