The Start Of My Journey

Lets Start.

I am Sean Keith Jackson and I work 50 hours a week at a warehouse . Right now I do not have Internet or free time at home . So just to write a blog I have to produce one at nap time at my wife’s school . I have about two hours then the kids wake up and get ready to go by three . Then I have to be at work by 4 o’clock and work until three in the morning . So to just share how I think and work I broke down the time frame of my life as of right now . So in five days there are 120 hours and 50 hours of that is my job , 20 hours is sleep at home , about 40 hours at the school and only 10 free at home . So thats about two hours a day I am at home . So me saying this really stinks because not only am I married but I have a kid . So free time is with him because I try to be his dad but it is hard not because of him , but because I can’t be with him . So I say The Start Of My Journey because I have written stories , poems , and songs all my life but I am starting a blog . In hopes of sharing skills , opinions , dreams , opportunity , history , and anything above and beyond . I already have a Youtube channel and vlog as General Random and to point out I am not that big and only got 34 subs over two years of trying to set aside time . Its been over a month of me taking a ” break ” when I should upload again for the fans I do have but as I have stated I have little to no free time . Plus I can be personal and personalize my blog by my opinion , facts , and reply with personal emails to my followers . Now lets say if I get ” big ” thats alot of emails and I know but as evil as humanity is , I still love us . In matter of fact I want to show that this isn’t just an income and I want to connect with my followers .

What I expect.

First I honestly expect to say something and someone get offended . Lets say if this happens lets talk and let me hear your side so we hear each others opinons not one and forced to believe it . Humans are very opinionated but that is because we have a brain and it thinks which is an obvious statement . Extraordinary circumstances have undergone just because someone else loves blue while the majority loves red ( not facts just an example ) . I also expect people to love what I post or believe and still hear their opinions . In other words I expect downs and lows , positives and negatives , and either way still hear someones opinon . I am saying all this because I want your feedback , if you read this and I personally dont know you but you want to follow me then 9 times out of 10 we are gonna think alike so why not share opinons . I also expect to share opinons like we are supposed to people , we are Adults . We live in a land divided by opinions because we can’t hear what someone has to say us because we are too sensitive . Well get this , someone’s opinions is their personality and that is a big thing to knock down . So I expect to live and grow with fans who feel free to share how I am going to share , not only for my blog but for the world . Maybe someone will see what I do and realize the the ones with opinions aren’t the one’s in the wrong but maybe its the ones who are too sensitive and close opportunities to better the world .


Opinions do matter and we need to share them to better understand each other and better prove the nation . As I share my opinons and gain followers I would like this to be my job to leave my 50 hours a week to raise my son . I would also like to gain a personal connection with my fans/followers and hear their life and whats going on . I know people will be negative and postive but thats why we talk and share information about each other to grow and raise not only as a blogger but as a friend . This is all I have to say for today’s post and I hope y’all out there have a good day and God Bless .


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