The Mind Of General Randon ( poem )


For years I rhymed
Beats of my thoughts chimed
In the back of my head
While I layed in bed
And I dreamed
Of something that seemed
True to me so
I started to grow
And making my own beats
Making them one of my unique feats
I had a rough ride
Cause every time I tried
At my raps I cried
Saying I could do it shoot I lied
Cant do it now
Thought I was good then pow
I lost jackie
It was exactly
What I didnt want
What a taunt
But then
She got pregnant again
Saw it was a girl
I started to twirl
Came out a boy
But still filled with joy
And before the tears begun
Man I have son
Björne is his name
Might sound insane
But its the mind of General random
A happy phantom .


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