Just Like Guns

We need to name our kids after weapons because everyone is triggered. We get fired so much we are running out of ammo. We could be grenades but who wants to be caught by Bruno. Our opinions are fine as gun powder but explode with the smallest spark. We all are actually like guns. Some guns are clean and shiny while some are old or/and rusty but, they still shoot to kill. I am for guns just not helping the Ill.


Hope and Pray

A lot of people hope in change, money, friends, fancy things, good luck and some hope for pain! Well, I pray for hope, I hope I pray. You can hope, hope, and hope but, Just like taxes, if you don’t put out you will not get back. Hoping does nothing, it just sets your dreams out there and then you just wait for your hopes and dreams to come true. Well, I am sorry but they are not coming true. You can hope your phone will not die but, if you do not put it on the charger, it will die. Now, if you pray and if you pray for the right thing not the right way. There is no right way to pray, I mean It would be better you do not pray with or about or to certain things but that does not make it right. Hopeful people hope that somebody will make them rich. But hopeful people who pray on their dreams, will most likely go out and accomplish it yourself. Handouts create lazy people if you are not careful. I hope, pray, dream, and believe that if I go out and do right under the eyes of God then if I pray and hope for the right things then my God will make or let it happen. Most people want momma to things for them, or hope in or on their family to serve and provide for them. I get tired of my family and glad some are actually there for me. There for me yes, but sometimes I would prefer if they would just leave me alone and let me strive and thrive on my own. But, I have a son so I just cannot let a roof go by and my baby and wife sleep in a ditch. No, I hope and pray that when that time comes that my family will be there and let us, and help us for the time being. I EXPECT ALOT, out of a lot of my family members. I am 18 years old and can take care of myself, my wife, my kid, and my mom, but you can’t take care of yourself or the dishes. Yes, I am venting but what do you expect me to do. God gives us Basic Information Before Leaving Earth. Now take the first letter of the last 5 big words of that sentence and it spells Bible. There are simple, very simple, but you want to care surf and kill babies, AND I AM THE STUPID ONE!!!! Do not judge but judge by his actions and they are not acting very smart. Now, pray, pray for our world, our nation. Now, let God use you to change our world or our nation. If you pray for change but you sit there do not try to change then whatever you prayed for is pointless!!! Hate me, kill me, paint over me, silence me, my mouth will burst open and let out truth at some point. You will not believe or pray you whole life but you will when you return to the dust and your soul burns in Hell. Get mad at me all you want but its true. I am not gonna let you shut me up, if I let you shut me up then I pray I better be dead. If I am alive and I am not living for God then I need to be dead because then I am dead. Pray and hope all you want but you still have to put forth an effort. I am not gonna sit here and let billions burn for an eternity!! That hurts my heart just thinking about that! I will stand outside your house with a sign, or a megaphone, you know it is true, You know who I am talking to. If you don’t then I will tell you. I am talking to me and all who knows or does not know. Pray for the return of Jesus, pray you get offended because if you do then you received the spirit and I am stepping on toes now! You got mad, oh I am sorry, Jesus suffered and bled and died and you are gonna shout his name in vain. NO WONDER you are so out of luck. Shout out that I need to die then maybe I should but if I do then I will be in Heaven with the ones who listened to not me but God. God is not just fun, fun, fun, he will spiritually whoop you, he will tell you up front your going to burn. So if Jesus is going to suffer like he did and if God will not sugar coat it, then why should I. Christians don’t get angry, WHAT BIBLE ARE YOU READING? I will be hurt and very mad at the souls I loose and burn for ever and ever. Pray this hits you so hard in the heart you get or buy a Bible and you read that God is right! I am only a human, I am not perfect or the best but what I preach is perfect and the best. Pray you understand where I am coming from. You want to live life how you want and put yourself and others in danger. Pray you understand I live not to hate or judge you but to help you understand and grow and warn you of the second coming so you can spread to the ones I cannot spread it to. Yes I am mad but I pray that the anger you feel through this text is that I have already lost souls and getting over that myself. I do not want me or you to loose you own soul or others but you will. If you read this and change I pray that you understand that some people will be triggered by this. Its about to get scarier, and I mean that. Storms, death, death, death. but God is life, life, life! I hope and pray before you go to sleep you realize that God is the way and that you open your Bible. If it right and for God, do not shut your mouth. You stand up for the One True God then you will have a whole army rise against you. Why do you think I feel like it is right. Every one hates the Bible, God and Jesus because they know in their heart it makes the most since but they want to live how they want. Have fun then because if you do not change then the fun will end. But, if you live for God then the fun will never end. I pray you hear the spirit and understood God is all sunshine and cherries but his wrath will unleash one day and I do not me or you to be here.

Can A Guy Sell Avon

Hey its Sean here, or General Random, whatever you prefer. I have recently started to sell Avon products just to see what I can do. I know it always seems like I am trying to find multiple ways to make money, well, I am. I do not wear makeup on a regular basis, but I have worn it before. My sisters have put it on me, my wife has, and I have put some lipstick and nail polish on me. I know it might sound weird but, does that make me a great candidate for Avon, since I am can try out the products I am selling? I know that I am guy but, a great sells person uses the products he is selling. I mean I blog, vlog, now I sell Avon, I think this could turn out great. Also not this if you will, self motivation is best. Now, will I actually and personally use Avon products? Yes, in matter of fact, I plan on posting up pictures of me using it on someone or someone using it on me. I do in fact plan on openly talking about my  Avon business on my YouTube. So, its not just to prove a point, but I got to make money with this some how! A lot of people will not agree but, I believe that you need to do you so you can be happy but, talk it over with God first. I do live to please him and I know wearing makeup does not sound like a Christian thing to do but that is because you are reading too much into the whole situation. So, say what you will but hey, if you love makeup, my link will be at the bottom. They have other stuff as well so do not stop with makeup! Thank you for reading this and if you watch my YT Channel then, I will see you in the next video.




So today is Monday , 9/24/18 and its my first day of school . I started with the Daymar College .  I have been deciding whether I should go or not but I decided to go . Well , since I have decided a yes , then I had to ask myself what am I going to study ? I knew that I wanted to be in the Medical Field so I looked into their courses . They had quite a bit of stuff to study . There was only a select few that I could choose . Well I chose Pharmacy Tech but due to certain laws , since this college was based in another sate , I couldn’t do that course . So I went with Medical Assisting and so far I am loving it . Now if you read my Blog , you are probably curious on how I get to fit that into my schedule . Well my 50 hour a week job I lost . I lost it because I had to stay home and help my wife since she had gotten whiplash from a wreck . But this has given me the perfect opportunity to get a job with my brother [ hopefully ] . He works Construction with my dad and they travel . Yes I would have to leave my wife and son behind but I will be able to get us stable with the money . I will have just enough time to Blog , school , and call her . Maybe YouTube can be an option but I don’t plan on it . Now I would love to land a Hospital job now but sometimes you got to do what you got to do in order to get what you want . I will try my best to keep my followers updated on my life either with my Blog or my Channel . Once again , I will try my best to keep you guys updated . When I start my new construction job , I expect to have little to no free time . I say that because most jobs are 84+ hours and when I’m not at work I will have my wife , brother , and school , taking up my time . I really love the new followers and old ones on my Blog and Channel and will try to keep my promise to keep dishing out content to entertain you . But , I as a human , I still have a limit , and I already know that there will be days that I miss this Blog and Channel . I say that due to me having to make my family , school , and work the top priority . Anyway I hope YOU have learned a little something about me . see you in the next video or Blog , which ever comes first .20180908_153402

Kindly Speaking

So , in a cynical way of seeing things . People speak way too kindly , I mean like we can not mention that John McCain was a good Senator because someone else does not like him . Well , I love Senator John McCain , Trump , Obama , and I could name some more but I am not . I , sometimes do not agree with certain actions and I am not afraid to say why I dislike a person . We have to watch what we say because people just , cant grow up . No don’t hurt their feelings and when I think of that , I think , Hey screw your feelings . Truth is truth no matter how you want to speak it . If you speak it by the way , then you need to live it . Just like the Bible , you got to walk it , live it , and personally love it . I mean , why live something you don’t love . We need to speak what’s going on with this world because if we keep on hiding what’s real , then we will slowly forget what is real . I just personally think about America and what we are turning into . A bunch of gay , confused , wrecked , stupid , demonic pansies ! I know the title is Kindly Speaking but come on America , keep your Penis attached and grow up ! Rip off your man hood and get mad at us for calling you less of a man ! Well you are less of a man .    ” ” OH NO I BROKE A NAIL !! ” Yeah , what about the men and women loosing their mind or body parts in war . NO don’t talk about the Veterans because who cares about them right . Well every time I see a soldier who is out there fighting for his country in his common sense , no tranny , no gay , no half man , no stupid person who cant comprehend that he/she has the genital parts they have for a reason . For the ones who want to cut or commit suicide , just stop , you are weak pansies to . I use to cut and I realized how stupid and pointless it was . Pain was the only pleasure I had . So parents if you cant raise and love your child , then you deserve to be thrown in the mix of war and loose a limb . Forget Kindly Speaking of the ones who died of self murder , your stupid . I am tired of all the bull crap us ” Americans ” say or do to justify our own stupidity . You can do you at the end of it all , because I will not shut up to let the gay speak . If the gay gets a word then I will also get a word . I would say something about drug heads but that is a different post .


So I am a white male and I am very proud to be white . I will not take credit for stuff that I didn’t do . With that being said , I also have black and Mexican relatives . I have no problem with any race of the world . I have problems with certain people within that race who do stupid things . Blacks sold blacks into slavery amd whites sold whites into slavery and so on , so on . I dislike the people who label me as a White Devil , Neo-Nazi , or racist just because I’m white . I don’t diss on king Bach , Lecrae , or some other black person just because they are black . I do get irritated at people who try way to hard to be black who are white and the other way around . I have a plethora of friends who are black , white , mexican , indians , so on and so on . I am very proud of who I am and you should be to . I will never judge a man for what God gave him in pigment but for how he treats me . I don’t know who you are but if you are a human then I automatically assume your a racists and or cynical baby who us too pathetic to stand up for himself or what he beleives in . Or you just love pointing fingers and be careful . My brother wasn’t careful with his fingers and cut one off . Now I am talking about this in multiple situations . Call me racist because I’m white and I feel sorry for your race for having such a pitiful soul in its circle , someone who can’t be friends with a white because of something stupid . Just because you are white , does not mean I support clinical retards like Hitler , just like if you are black does not mean your a drug dealing Nigger who has no Life . I know alot of white , black , niggers who are pathetic and worless to even think about . Trust me , I’m related to a couple of them . When I see someone of any race with a successful job , I do not get jealous or say somethimg stupid . I see a human who actually did something with their life . I am not trying to point fingers in this post . I am proud of being white and I don’t hate another race for their pigment and some of y’all pit there needs to . I love the human race , honestly and hate division but tjere will be division until this Earth is destroyed but we can atleast try to turn the tables ?

General Random Reporting For Duty

As I state in the video , this is just a ketchup video . I talk about the wreck and new computer in my normal way . I usually make my video’s in my Jeep but since me and my wife wrecked it I wasn’t . This video was made in my 1993 Nissan 300zx Twin Turbo . My Nissan only goes up to right below my chest and I’m 6 feet tall so its kind of annoying getting in and out but I love it . In the video you get to see my normal self with my new hairdo and new shades . I really love vlogging and blogging so yall go check it out .